Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Remembering our loved ones during the holiday season

 Ann from Zoolatry is always so good at making the best reminder posts and today's was no less. 

Whether the loved one you are remembering had fur or scales or was even human, take time to remember and let the memories ease your sorrow.

Missing our Charles this Christmastime.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

I'm not sure about this!

 So, two weeks ago, Mommy's nephew, Tim, brought his fluffball here. He has taken on a new job that requires him to travel and they thought maybe I would enjoy having company. Did anyone ask me? NO!

She's a little bitty thing and she really hasn't done anything but exist but I don't like having her here. Mom tries to ensure I feel safe but this little fluffball is sleeping in my favorite spots and she follows Mom into the bathroom when she gets up to supervise and that's my job. I don't like it, I don't like it at all. Matter of fact, I have made my feelings quite clear, hissing at her when she gets too close or when she surprises me.

Mom says we might be "stuck" with her because the alternative is the shelter and mom's soft heart won't let that happen. So, we'll see if we can find a middle ground but she is not going to sleep with Mom. On that, I am putting my paws down! 

This is the fluffball. Her given name is Suki but Mom nicknamed her Princess Fluffybutt and I think it very appropriate.

So, purray for us. I would like her to find a new place to live or, at least, leave me alone but I don't think that's going to happen.

Snuggles and purrs from Illinois,

Maggie May

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day

We are adjusting to being just the two of us. Mommy actually left me alone for a long weekend, with just a visit from Uncle Tim to check on me. I think she was worried about me but as long as I had plenty of food and water, I knew I would be just fine.

My plan for today is to be in conservation mode, as in I'm conserving energy and taking a longer nap and not moving from the back of the couch!
So, plant a tree, repurpose a t-shirt into a great cat bed, and just think twice about how you are using your resources. And, remember, Earth is the only planet with chocolate! (that is from the mommy)

Snuggles from Maggie May.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

And then there was one :-(

 It's been a long time since we posted. Charles and Maggie May have been living the good life with me, the mommy. However, Charles has been not doing well and when we calculated his age, we realized that he was 16 years old. 

Charles has been giving me signs that we would be soon be memories to one another for several months but as long as he was eating and making his morning jump from the floor up to my tall bed, I was willing to keep following our regular path. That had become more difficult for him though.

Wednesday morning, he couldn't make the jump and he didn't want any food (hadn't eaten on Tuesday either) and I knew it was time. We spent our remaining hours, telling each other in our own ways, how much we loved and would miss one another until we were together again.

Maggie May and I are finding out how to live without our tuxedo buddy and she still looks for him every morning. She's sleeping with me every night and has taken over Charles' job of waking me up too early for breakfast. 

Charles saved my life 5 years ago when the smoke detectors didn't work by banging on my closed bedroom door until he woke me up. We lost his brother to smoke inhalation.  He was my hero and I always promised I would do whatever he needed or wanted for his entire life and I like to think Wednesday morning also honored that promise.

I will miss my big tuxedo boy. See you at the Rainbow Bridge, Charles.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fingers crossed

The mommy is taking over the blog for the evening post.
Charles and Maggie May

Thank you both for giving me this opportunity. I've been quilting for many years but most of my quilts are what I consider utility. Great quilts but not meant to be heirloom. Baby quilts are meant to be put on the ground to cushion a baby's play time, spit up on and washed until they fall apart.

My sister and her husband purchased property about an hour outside Nashville several years ago. This will become their retirement living area in a couple of years but for now, it's a vacation location and lots of work to keep the wild at bay. There are dry stone walls that mark the old property lines that date back to before the Civil War.
I went through a phase (it still pops up from time to time) where I enjoyed working with the reproduction Civil War era fabrics. My sister saw this quilt in the earliest stages and liked it. My sister appreciates my quilts but some of them aren't her taste, so this was a sign to me that this should be their quilt.
Last year, I took this quilt to be appraised for them. The appraiser encouraged me to consider entering some of my quilts in contests. I don't always see the beauty, only seeing the mistakes, so this is a huge leap of faith on my part. That said, today I sent off the application, complete with photos and the fee, to Quilt Expo, which is held in Madison, Wisconsin every September. This is a juried show, so the quilts are selected by committee, and the quilts that are selected are then judged before hanging in the show.
So, tonight, I'm saying a little prayer that this quilt gets juried into the show. I have no dreams of winning any of the prizes, just would like to make that first step and get it into the show.
The quilt is titled "Time Stands Still at the Farm", as my sister and her husband have named the property Southern Comfort Farm. I should know one way or the other by early August.
Thanks for keeping up with the cats and I. We appreciate you all.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Wow! where has time gone?

With apologies to all that we have missed in our absence, we wanted to post a short update.

Last September, Mommy got me a new sister. After the fiasco of Charlee, she was worried about how I would react but this new sister is young and (don't tell her!) fun. She likes to bounce on me when I'm sleeping and I get mad but not for long.
Mommy told me the people at the shelter named her Treebond (what sort of name is that?!!) but mommy decided she should be known as Maggie May. Maggie and I like to sleep and eat together, sometimes, but we are still independent cats and enjoy waking mommy up early every morning.

Another change since we last posted is that mommy retired from her job of 39 years last February. I enjoyed having her to myself until Maggie joined us last fall and now we enjoy having our personal servant with us 24/7. Mommy likes to sew and quilt and when she spends too much time doing that, I start tearing up paper and cardboard boxes. Mommy hates that and it's guaranteed to get her attention for a little while.

Mommy has managed to finish many quilts since she retired. Here are a few of those too (she insisted and since she is typing this for me, I'm letting her):

 Mommy says the last one isn't quilted yet but the others have been and two of them have been gifted.

So, that's all for now. If you have been waiting for us to post again, thanks for sticking with us. If you're new, welcome and stick around. I'm going to try and get Mommy to post more often.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Just a new photo...

Mommy caught my handsome face this morning and wanted to share with anyone still checking our site. Not much happening here, eating, sleeping and meowing at mommy for more food-so typical cat stuff!
Mommy cleared me a space under her quilting table to curl up while she does her computer stuff and put a lovely bath mat on it to make it soft.
So all of you have a terrific day and keep purring,