Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Boys!

Today is Charles and Runt's Gotcha Day..My nephew, Tim, was their previous daddy and when he had to move back in with his parents, the boys needed a new home. I was actually in New Mexico on vacation when my sister called to ask if I would consider taking them in. Tim was willing to take them to the shelter but we don't have a no-kill shelter here in our area and there was no guarantee the boys would be able to stay together.

Our time together has been fun...Runt is my little curly-tailed bum who insists that I stand by him while he eats his meals(on top of the kitty jungle, if you please) and Charles is my big boy, who will jump up in your lap and sleep, no matter how HOT it is! Life is good for the boys and I'm thankful every day that they are here to stay until it's time for them to cross the Bridge.
So, as I sit here typing this, Runt is curled up on my lap looking at me with those accusing eyes of his, because I'm not petting him. and Charles just wandered over to see if there was food or snacks to be found (he is my full figured monster) and we're just going to hang today and enjoy one another.

Love ya, Boys!