Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July!

Well, it's been almost a month since we posted but our mommy's job has kept her away from home way too much! The first week she was back to work after her vacation, she worked 4 12 hour days and 2 10's! She says it will help keep us all fed but we would rather have our mommy home with us more...
Mommy here: I would rather be home with you all too.

Charles: Mommy likes to sit on the couch with the laptop in her lap and then I lay on the table that the computer normally sits on. Mommy starts to put it back when she gets up and there is this big, black and white fuzzy tummy there for her to pet and love on. Then, I have to move. :-(

Runt: The sun is out and I have the bathroom window to myself. Charles has tried to get up into it but his fat butt (snicker) just doesn't fit.
Charles: hissss

Mommy: Taz (aka "the Princess") has gone to the spare bedroom where it is cool and dark and the "boys" don't bother her. She likes to come out and get her snuggles when I get up in the morning and head for the bathroom. Then, it's just us girls and all is right with the world.

So, life is good here in 3 kats and a kwilter land...Mommy is going to work on some sewing and we're going to enjoy the cooler air and sunshine.
Snuggles and purrs,
Taz, Runt and Charles (and mommy, Anna)