Sunday, June 5, 2011

Watch cat?

The mommy here...first, thanks for the birthday greetings. It is nice to have all of our friends share in days like that.
I think I have mentioned here before that Taz, aka "the Princess" doesn't exactly play nice with the boys. And some days, it works the other way too, as this photo will show. (please ignore the mess, this old machine has been here since I moved in and I don't normally go to that corner of the basement)

That is Runt, sitting in wait, for Taz to poke her head out to eat..She's hiding up in the machine. I know this because, while he was distracted having breakfast, she stuck her head out to see if the coast was clear. Runt heard me talking to her, and came running back down to the basement. He's been sitting there now for almost an hour. She knows he's there, so she's not giving him a chance to startle her.
Got to love the games!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Many years ago, in a place not far from here...

Mommy was born in the early hours of the morning! She was her mommy and daddy's first baby and was different because she was born with a port wine birthmark.  But she was special and she became a big sister to one sister and three brothers, and she grew up to be our mommy and for that we are happy!
So, Happy Birthday, Mommy Anna, and we hope we get to share you for many years to come.
Snuggles and purrs,
Taz, Runt and Charles

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day to the "Boys"

Three years ago, while I was vacationing in New Mexico, I received a call from my sister. It seems my nephew, who was moving home, needed to find a new home for his cats. While he was willing to take them to the Shelter, he first wanted to know if I could take them. He knew they would be able to stay together and that wasn't a sure thing at the Shelter.
So, while I was gone, I became the new mommy to two beautiful boy kitties and they have been joy everyday since. So, Happy Gotcha Day to my Charles and my Runt. Mommy loves you lots.