Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from 3 Kats and a Kwilter!

Other than the fact Charles decided I needed to be up at 3:45 rather than the 4:30 I had planned on (hey, that's sleeping in for me!), our Christmas is off to a great start! I am taking a break from the last wrapping chores to check my messages and send off this post.
All is calm, all is bright here at our house. Charles has spread out across my lap, spanning 8 inches off of the each side of  lap and the paws are flexing as I occasionally reach down to rub the tummy or tickle his chin. I've heard a friend refer to her tuxie as a land orca and right now, that's exactly what Charles resembles, and a really well fed one!

Will be heading to my brother's for Christmas with the family later and then home for some quiet before returning to work tomorrow. It won't be pretty but it never is when the PO is closed for an extra day but keep those cards and letters pays for the cat food!

So, from all of us here to all of you there, Merry Christmas and wishes for 2015 that it be your best year ever!
Snuggles and purrs,
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Santa Paws Drive 2014

Well, after a year of being absent from the blog, we are popping back to do our annual posting about the Santa Paws Drive. This is the sixth year for the Drive and this year, they are going to attempt to save 100 kitties by sponsoring their relocation to no-kill shelters and forever homes. Our mommy was surprised to read that while there are waiting lists for kitties in the Northern part of the US, kitties are euthanized in the South. The two organizations selected this year help move kittens and cats to areas where they have a better chance for adoption and long, healthy lives filled with love and affection.

It has been our mommy's pleasure to make donations each year on our behalf. Taz (the Princess) was saved from a high-kill shelter and while she isn't the cuddle bug Mommy would like her to be, she still fills our mommy's heart with joy every day. Runt and Charles were heading for the shelter when their daddy was moving back home and needed to find a new forever home for them. That's when our mommy (his aunt) stepped up and gave us a new home, where we have the run of the house, lots to eat, and all the soft blankets we can snuggle into!

So, if you have a chance and want to help make a cat's life better, either by sponsoring a kitty rescue or maybe just by donating kitty-saving supplies (like a cat carrier, vet certificate, etc.), just head to the Santa Paws website ( and make a donation. The kitties will thank you and you will feel good too.

Thank you from all of us at 3 Kats and a Kwilter.