Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012 the heck did that happen?

Wow! We haven't been very good bloggers but nothing new is happening here and it makes for a boring post.

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm the mommy to Taz, Runt and Charles. I have a bad case of holiday humbugs, so it's been my intention to avoid the Christmas chaos and parties as much as I can. Family can be stressful and my nephew is deploying (for the third time) in a week, so I have the major sads and worries.

Runt and Charles are doing their best to help me find the happy. As we near Taz's Gotcha Day, I marvel at how far the two of us have come since she came and made my home her own. I was snuggling with her yesterday and she was giving me headbutts and face rubs and I thought back to the time after she came here when I couldn't even pet her! So, sometimes, the happy sneaks in.

So, please, don't give up on our blog. I hope to find the time and energy to be a more faithful blogger for 3 Kats and a Kwilter in the coming year.

Meowy Christmas!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bad mommy!

Wow, it's been almost 3 months since mom posted any news from 3 Kats and a Kwilter! It's been a hot summer here in Illinois and about a month ago, the big noisy box that keeps it cool in the house stopped working...
Mommy has taken to wetting a towel and getting our fur damp and it's helping as we lay in front of the fans. Gratefully, it's been cooler the last week or two.

Taz has been meaner than normal to mommy and mommy is a little worried that she might be feeling not so good. She seems to be shedding more than normal but won't let mommy pet her enough to get the extra fur off her. She is eating all right though, so we will just watch and see. Taz let me curl up near her today, so either I was really quiet getting up on the washer next to her or maybe she just didn't care enough to hiss today.

Any way, we are all alive and well and miss everyone.

Snuggles and purrs,

PS Charles is doing well...still full figured and he has insisted on sleeping on mommy when it's hot, which doesn't make mommy very happy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Boys!

Today is Charles and Runt's Gotcha Day..My nephew, Tim, was their previous daddy and when he had to move back in with his parents, the boys needed a new home. I was actually in New Mexico on vacation when my sister called to ask if I would consider taking them in. Tim was willing to take them to the shelter but we don't have a no-kill shelter here in our area and there was no guarantee the boys would be able to stay together.

Our time together has been fun...Runt is my little curly-tailed bum who insists that I stand by him while he eats his meals(on top of the kitty jungle, if you please) and Charles is my big boy, who will jump up in your lap and sleep, no matter how HOT it is! Life is good for the boys and I'm thankful every day that they are here to stay until it's time for them to cross the Bridge.
So, as I sit here typing this, Runt is curled up on my lap looking at me with those accusing eyes of his, because I'm not petting him. and Charles just wandered over to see if there was food or snacks to be found (he is my full figured monster) and we're just going to hang today and enjoy one another.

Love ya, Boys!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Before we head over for the big Cinco bash happening at KC's (, we wanted to stop and wish everyone a happy May the 5th...
We read that there is a roller coaster there, so we thinks we will try that before eating, as mommy said it could be horrible if we threw up at our first time at KC's.
So, have a great day and we'll catch you when we get home.
Adios, amigos!

Edited:  Well, we're home and we're heading for bed but wanted to say we had the very best time and hope we didn't over-stay our welcome! Thanks to evferyone for making us feel right at home.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long time, no postie!

Yeah, we are posting again! The mommy has been bad and it took a post on Facebook to get her back here again. We hope all are well and we will continue to purray for those who need a little extra to help them out.

So, the mommy saw a post about making catnip mousies for us and she thought there must be other hoomans that could use the tutorial help to make their felines something a little special to thank them for making life good. The tutorial that the mommy found uses "eco-felt"  but we think the felt rectangles that are found at JoAnn's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby would work too. Although, our mommy thinks she might get a little wool felt to make us extra special ones.
So, here is the link to the blog that has the great tutorial and we will post pictures when we get a couple to play with.

Enjoy and send us a link if your hooman makes you a mousie or two.

Snuggles from all of us!

Added 4/26/12...Our mommy got black and gray wool felt to make us mousies and even cut them out. She got really neat stuff to make the tails out of ...and then lost it! However, we has new stuff for the tails and we hope to have new fun toys to play with later today! We'll make sure to get pictures!