Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally! We're blogging...

Well, we've finally done it! Convinced mommy to create a blog for us! Of course, she has insisted on the fact that she get to post quilty stuff from time to time, in exchange for being our voice on the internet...Seems fair.
So, 3 Kats and a Kwilter? The 3 cats are Taz (aka "the Princess"), Runt, and Charles (aka wide load, Big Boy or Charlie) and mommy is the quilter, although she says she's more of a piecer than a quilter but we like what she makes, so that's all right.
We are not mommy's first fur-kids. Mommy has been mommy to many fur-kids through the years, Tiger, Punkin Spice, Tramp and Scamp, and Thomas. Mommy lost Scamp and Thomas within  6 weeks of each other, which made her very sad.

Taz came to live with mommy at Christmas time 4 years ago, after she lost Tramp. She is a shelter rescue, where she ended up when her first mommy died and the daughter couldn't take her home with her. Taz was scared of all the new noises and cats, so was not a well behaved young lady. Matter of fact, the shelter gave her to mommy because she was not  being very sociable (actually, she attacked anyone that tried to pet her). The shelter people had to use leather gloves to get her in the carrier! She still is a little skittish but will let mommy snuggle her for short periods of time and cuddles well then.

Runt and Charles are a set in that they belonged to mommy's nephew first. The "boys" as mommy calls them had to find a new home when the nephew had to move and couldn't take them with. Mommy got a phone call while on vacation asking her if she would give them a home and she said "yes". Runt is a grey stripe and white cat. Runt is dealing with some problems right now but we hope they will be cleared up soon. Charles is a wide bodied tuxedo cat with paws the size of silver dollars and he's the lover of the bunch. When Charles lays on you, you know it!

So, this might be interesting as she learns as she goes along. If you have suggestions or words of wisdom on how to do this better, please share it with her. We want this to be the best one mommy can do.

Thanks for checking us out!
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna

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