Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving thoughts

Well, kats and kittens, it's Thanksgiving Day here in Illinois and we thought we would reflect on what we are grateful for.
Taz: Good food, lots of love from a mommy who understands me enough to know that just because I don't cuddle with my brothers, doesn't mean I don't love  them...It just means I'm the Princess and I don't mix with the riff-raff!
Runt: The food is great, and mommy gives good snuggles in the morning as she gets my food together. And I love to sit on mommy's lap when she's at the computer (if Charles doesn't beat me to it!) and just enjoy the quiet of the two of us.
Charles: Hey, did someone say food?  Mommy calls me her big boy and I am that...I love sleeping with mommy, even though she doesn't sleep as long as I want her to, but she doesn't mind if I curl back up after breakfast. Food, did someone mention food?
Mommy: While I am thankful for the three of you, I am most grateful this year that my nephew, Erik, has completed his tour in Iraq, where he was an EOD specialist (Explosive Ordinance Detonation) and that his next assignment will be Oahu, Hawaii. Evidently, the unexploded ordinance from WWII is becoming unstable, so they are requesting EOD to begin safely disarming them.
So, from all of us at 3 Kats and a Kwilter want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Now, we need to get back to our nap!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving yoo guys. Hey Charles, even if they din't mention food it's no reason yoo can't ask fur some...just saying.

  2. Hi guys! We just saw your link on the Cat Blogosphere and came to meet you!

    We're three Canadian kitties and one human "mom," and we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

    -The Fuzzy Tales crew

  3. Thanks for visiting us in Malaysia.

    It's true, humans never sleep long enough for kitties. It's one of the many things that is inferior about fur-less people.

    Hawaii sounds a lot more fun than Iraq - even if it does involve dealing with stuff that blows up if you're not careful. Watch out for Pele, and give her a nice flower sacrifice or something to keep your family safe, OK?