Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mommy's leaving us!

Well, cats and kittens, the suitcase is out and the mommy is putting stuff in it...and not shorts and t-shirts but the same type of clothes she wears here at home. Why, oh, why would she want to go somewhere as cold as here? More importantly, why would she want to leave us here alone?

Mommy: Well, where I am going has been hit with the same goofy weather that the lower half of the US has been experiencing...should have been a little warmer than here in Illinois, but doesn't look like there will be much difference.

 Well, we think it stinks! Now, we won't have you to snuggle with or to get to fill the food dish whenever we want!

Mommy: Aunt Mary will be coming in to make sure you don't starve (not that that would happen anyway) and to give you snuggles and cuddles. I expect you to behave like well behaved felines and not to give her any trouble. Oh, and Taz, try coming out so she can see you once or twice...that way she won't worry.

 We're going to miss you, mommy.
I'll miss you too but I don't leave for a day or two, so let's snuggle some.
 No, we're too busy right now...

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