Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad mommy!

Our mommy has been so "busy" that she hasn't let us post on our blog. As you can see by this picture, Runt is giving her the cold shoulder routine (really cold, as the snow will show)

but at the end of the day, he is snuggled right in the blankets, near mommy for a little cat nap.
In other news, The Princess, aka Taz, has chosen the front bedroom as her domain and is hissing at all that enter, except mommy, who brings the food. Fortunately, this works for the boys as that room is too girly for them and it works for mommy, since the litter box is in the bathroom, immediately outside the bedroom door and easily accessible for princesses and boys alike.
Mommy has been sewing again, which is a good thing since she doesn't like us to lay all over her fabric and messing up her quilt blocks. We think it's fun to wait for mom to lay every thing out, turn to get her camera and then play chase and race through the middle!
So, to all our furry friends, we bid you a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Our mom understands about being busy...but we think there are only lame excuses from the humans and we're not impressed. :-P

    Most of our snow is gone now, just a tiny bit of crusty leftover snowbank here and there, but we're still waiting for warmer weather! It's been freezing!