Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just mommy's quilt tops!

Mommy's been mistreating us by not letting us blog! It's been a whole month since we posted and now that we have pestered her enough, what is she going to blog about? Quilting!

Mommy here: Sorry, babies, but I don't have any really cool pictures of you to post and you really haven't done anything to blog about.

That's because you aren't hardly home anymore and when you are, you're sleeping.

That's because I had new duties added to my job and I had to go to school for it and before I did that, I went away for a long weekend of quilting in Wisconsin and I wanted to share one or two of my pictures. I promise I'll post for you soon.

The pinwheel quilt will be going to my new great niece when she arrives in December.
 This top is done. Now I can figure out how to quilt it!
These are blocks from a swap I was in earlier this year. I am making a few more to add to these and about 20 others. Then I will lay them out and make another quilt top.

Thank you to my 3 kats for letting me share my quilt tops. We will return to our regular cat blog posts soon.

Anna (the Mommy)


  1. I like them all, Anna -- I think my favorite is the batik bars (#2).

  2. Gorgeous! What great color combinations!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Beautiful Quilts. Our Moom quilts a lot, too so we made her get her own quilt blog. She does not update it often, but here is is!

    Thank you for the comforting words and purrs at our loss of Mac. WE will miss Mac but know he is no longer in pain.