Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day and thanks to those who adopt...

All of us here at 3 Kats and a Kwilter want to wish a Happy Veterans Day to all that serve or have served to protect our country. To those whose loved ones gave the ultimate gift, blessings on you and yours.
Here is a picture of our favorite soldier!

And mommy found this the other day and we just thought we wanted to share it today too. Basically, all three of us are rescues, although Charles and Runt were the mommy's nephew's. So, people who chose to find their new loved ones from a shelter or a rescue are a-okay with us!

snuggles from Taz, Runt and Charles
(mommy here...Thanks to Ann from Zoolarty and the people at for the graphics. You are amazing and we love you!)


  1. Sweet graphic re: adoption. Amen indeed.

    And we, too, are honouring All Beings who have served and who currently serve. Purrs to all.

  2. Oh that is so sweet..they do look like they are praying.

    Thanks for your continued support..for Ms Bunny.

  3. Great post! Nice picture of your favorite soldier