Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long time, no postie!

Yeah, we are posting again! The mommy has been bad and it took a post on Facebook to get her back here again. We hope all are well and we will continue to purray for those who need a little extra to help them out.

So, the mommy saw a post about making catnip mousies for us and she thought there must be other hoomans that could use the tutorial help to make their felines something a little special to thank them for making life good. The tutorial that the mommy found uses "eco-felt"  but we think the felt rectangles that are found at JoAnn's, Michael's or Hobby Lobby would work too. Although, our mommy thinks she might get a little wool felt to make us extra special ones.
So, here is the link to the blog that has the great tutorial and we will post pictures when we get a couple to play with.

Enjoy and send us a link if your hooman makes you a mousie or two.

Snuggles from all of us!

Added 4/26/12...Our mommy got black and gray wool felt to make us mousies and even cut them out. She got really neat stuff to make the tails out of ...and then lost it! However, we has new stuff for the tails and we hope to have new fun toys to play with later today! We'll make sure to get pictures!


  1. Good to sees yous! Happy Caturday!

  2. we understand how easy it is to let days go by without posting since were pretty much the same boat with you. Mom is been making all kinds of kids choice stuffed animals such so maybe we can talk her into making us catnip mousies.she has noticed that either Joe Windsor Hobby lobby one has felt made out of recycled soda bottles which would make it an eco-felt but of course she can't remember which one. Good to see you back hope we get back soon.

  3. It's nice to hear from you!! We're gonna show that link to our mom and beg her to make us some mousies!!

  4. We understand what you're human Mom is going through. There were really those times when humans cannot make it up to update to their posts, main reason of my hooman is house chores.

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