Friday, April 21, 2017

Relaxing and adjusting to being an only!

Well, I  seem to be finding out how nice being an only can be. While Mommy says I'm a little more needy than before the Princess went to the Bridge, I do like having the mommy to myself.
Mommy has been home a little more than normal...something about having teethies pulled and replaced with new ones (don't know how that works but she seems to be ok and she doesn't look any different to me).

Today, Mommy caught me relaxing on the bed, on her blankie. It makes me happy to smell her when she's gone...I don't feel so lonely and yesterday, I left her a surprise-a hair ball on her other blankie and quilt that she found when she went to bed last night. I think she liked it, as she saved it til this morning before she made it disappear behind the door where she doesn't let me go (the basement, Charles, has nothing for you to enjoy, so you don't need to go there).

So, in all my glory and messy bed, here I am!!!
Sending thanks and purrs to all that are still with us.
Charles and mommy, Anna


  1. Oh sweet Charles, you're lookin' very handsum. We're glad you are enjoyin' your only time with your mommy. Our mommy's havin' hose teethie issues too. We sure hope our mommy does as well as yours. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. I'm so glad being an only has freed up your time enough to blog again, Charles!

    Wraith, Zoe, Franklin, and the humans who feed us