Sunday, May 29, 2016

Settling in and recharging to solar powered cat!

Thanks for all the kind words about the loss of our Runt. Mommy still cries when she finds herself looking for him when she gets home from her away time.  The Princess and Charles are settling into the new place quite well. There is a little alcove that Mommy has set up a desk in that has two nice windows. One is just above floor level and Charles has decided that it is his place when she is working on the computer. Princess loves the cool bathroom floor and has ventured near the patio door when Mommy is out watering her one planter.

We have been in our new place for just about two weeks and all seem to be settling in fairly well. We definitely have more windows to look out of and a big patio door that allows us to sun ourselves while Mommy is at work, and it's pretty quiet. But most importantly, NO DOGS walking by our door!

Mommy wanted to share a picture of Charles, recharging in the sun this morning by the little window... Happy Weekend and take a moment this weekend to remember those who paid the ultimate price to keep us safe, wherever in the world you are.

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