Monday, May 2, 2016

Updates and losses

Well, it's been a long time since we posted...Time moves on and often too fast. Our mommy has been working too many hours and then spending her free time loving on all of us but it's time for updates and a little talk about losses.

Charles is still the big boy! He loves to relax on his blanket during the day and sleep on mommy at night. Dinner time is his favorite time of the day, but nap time is a very close second.

Taz, aka The Princess, continues to be her regal and standoffish self but there are little cracks in her demeanor when mommy gets up in the morning or comes home at the end of her disappearing time. Then, she comes running to say hi and that her water or food dish are empty or not up to her standards! But, mostly, she spends her time curled up on her chair, relaxing.

And Runt...Runt is part of the losses portion of this post.

Almost two months ago now, on a Monday evening after the mommy had retired to her own sleep spot, a fire broke out at our home. The smoke detector that worked on Sunday didn't work on Monday evening. Our mommy was woken up by Charles banging (really banging!) on the bedroom door. When the mommy opened the door to see what had him so riled, she was hit with heat and smoke. She quickly closed the door (she thinks that Charles slipped into the bedroom then) and called the fire department. Mommy had to be pulled from her bedroom window to safety but all she worried about was us (good mommy!).

Our house, while unlivable right now, will be fine. The terrific fire department found all three of us-Charles in the back bedroom, Taz in the basement, and Runt in the front bedroom, on the bed. Runt has had some health problems that affected his breathing and even with the heroic attempts of the fire department, he had inhaled too much smoke and they could not bring him back. Mommy keeps worrying that if she had called him and tried to wake him, that maybe he would be with us now. But, honestly, in her heart, she knows he was sleeping and just crossed the Rainbow Bridge with no pain or suffering.
Our mommy's neighbor helped mommy find a box that night to put Runt in and in the morning, he was buried in our back yard and when mommy gets a chance, she will plant catnip on his grave. Runt loved his nip and he would like the fact that the local kitties will enjoy it in his memory.

For now, we are living in a little place with only one window and we smell and hear strange people all the time. But the worst part is ... There are dogs here too! We can smell them when they go by with their people. Mommy says we might be moving soon into another temp place but we hope that we will be back in our home by August.
Mommy is crying now, so we'll let her finish this and get ready for her leaving time. We hope you will all offer a little prayer for us and for our beloved Runt.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Runt and also the fire you suffered and that you are temporarily placed. WE will keep you in our purrs. We are glad that all of you are safe. hugs

  2. Oh we are so very sorry. What an ordeal to have gone through with the fire and then to lose Runt. We send you lots of comforting purrs...and hope you can get back into your home soon.

  3. We are sorry about Runt and know how much you miss him. He was a sweet kitty. Sending purrs and hugs to all .