Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friend-shaped holes in our hearts

We learned this morning, before mommy went to work, that Miss Peach had traveled across the Rainbow Bridge. While not totally unexpected, it still made us very sad and our hearts have Miss Peach shaped holes in them. We hope that the memories of her will help fill them during the coming days for not just us but for all her friends. We especially hope this for her Miss Karla and LapDaddy, for Cole and for HoneyBunny. Snuggles and purrs to all!

Then, we found out about sweet little Beignet. While it sounds like he will have a good life, it makes us sad that he won't be going home with his sister, Truffle, and his mom Paula. We want to say we wish you the best, little one and hope your life is filled with all the love you can gather.
Edited to add: We awoke this morning to hear about Sweet Beignet's passing. We are so very sad that somecat so young should be called to the Rainbow Bridge, but we figure Sweet Praline wanted a new playmate and Beignet, being the good boy he was, volunteered. Our thoughts are with everyone who was getting to know this little furrball!
So, here's to our friends, old and new, and to the ones we have lost...May we always remember to say I love you and to give that extra snuggle while there's time.
Taz, Runt, and Charles...and mommy, Anna!


  1. So many sad things. We're so sad about Miss Peach and Beignet.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Hi there. It has been such a sad week at the cat blogosphere. Could you please give your Mom a message for us and send us your email since you were so nice to make a bid on the auction for SAS. We just need everyone's email to send out a notice if you win your item. Thanks so much.
    Our email is margaretmsan@gmail.com