Friday, August 26, 2011

Purraying for all those in the path of Hurricane Irene

Mommy was telling us about this big, bad storm that is moving through the Atlantic Ocean and heading for the East Coast and she sounded worried about all those who are in the path, so we just want to say we are purraying for everyone and hope to hear that the loss of life is none.
Be safe!
Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna
(thanks to Zoolarty for the great graphic!)


  1. We with you and purring everyone be safe and okay.

  2. Thanks for the purrs and purrayers! They really helped! Thanks for visiting too!

  3. Concats on winning the auction for the night shirt we had in the auction for SAS!!! Your mom will love the shirt and socks! Mom got it for a gift awhile back and is too fat so she is thrilled your mom can get some use out of it. It's so cute! She will be going to the post office tomorrow or Tuesday so you should have it very quick as we live in Schaumburg, IL

  4. Your nightshirt is in the mail as of this morning! Since you live so close to us, you may get it tomorrow! Enjoy!!!