Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy World Cat Day! featuring Charles

Well, it's been over a month and we are just getting a post done...It's been so terribly hot that mommy just comes home, fixes something to eat for all of us and then crashes in front of the fan or air conditioner!
Mommy decided yesterday to see if she could get a weight on Charles. He is mommy's big boy and after seeing the scale reading yesterday, we now know why...Charles weighed in at a solid 19 pounds! No wonder mommy says "oommph" when he jumps up on her lap!
Charles is a tuxedo mancat, with 4 white spats, some white on his tummy and a little smudge of white on his forehead. He's a snuggler to the nth degree and loves it when it gets cold out, since he can snuggle with mommy without her kicking him off because he's too warm.


  1. Happy World Cat Day!! Charles is adorable.

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week...secretaries...sheesh.

  2. Happy World Cat Day! Charles is a handsome ManCat!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Happy World Cat Day! Charles is a handsome, LARGE fellow. LOL. Even angel Chumley, at his heaviest, was "only" 18 pounds!

  4. OH Charles you are so cute!
    Happy World Cat Day!

  5. What a handsome mancat Charles is! Happy World Cat Day! :)

  6. Charles is a cutie!

    BTW, we are having a contest where we are giving away a bag of free Innova Natural Pet food. Today is the last day to enter! Good Luck.

  7. Happy World Cat Day. Purrs from us and hugs from our human who loves big, fat cats.